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The choice of operation depends on the characteristics of the patient. If the patient is superobese, if he/she has a metabolic syndrome (diabetes, hypertension, etc.), or has severe reflux (with barret oesophagus an endoscopic finding), it is better to perform a bypass. However, in these cases, gastric sleeve can also be performed, except for severe reflux. Weight regain after gastric sleeve may be slightly greater than bypass, but bypass can also have lifelong side effects, such as diarrhea, vitamin deficiencies, internal hernia. It is also much more difficult to make a revisional surgery after gastric bypass than gastric sleeve. The need for a second surgery was found to be greater in bypass than sleeve. Gastric sleeve is a better option if you are not sweet eater, or alcohol addicted or dont have diabetes. After the gastric sleeve, there are always more options for revisional surgery than bypass if needed and it is more easier and safer to do and there are more options. There are many types of gastric bypass surgery and it is necessary to know which one is suitable when making a decision.

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