Sleeve gastrectomy operation, what awaits you?, Gastric Sleeve, Sleeve Gastrectomie

Sleeve gastrectomy operation, what awaits you?
For sleeve gastrectomy, preoperative evaluation is made in a half-day with some blood tests and consultations. Then, sleeve gastrectomy is performed on the given day of surgery.
The operation is performed with a key-hole method through 3-5 holes. During the operation, although rarely, there may be a risk of organ injuries when inserting instruments through the holes, and bleeding while separating the stomach from its vessels and spleen. Although it depends on the surgeon, a leak test with blue dye is usually performed in the surgery. Some surgeons prefer to do this by performing abdominal tomography 1 day after surgery. 6 hours after the operation, the patient is allowed to walk and the exercises called triflo are performed to open the lungs.
If a drain is placed into abdomen, the drain is withdrawn the day after starting to feed orally. To put a drain into abdomen is also up to the surgeon’s preference.
Although it varies according to the clinic, Oral feding is allowed, to drink water, on the 1st or 2nd day. The first 15 days is allowed only liquid nutrition, the second 15 days is allowed the puree nutrition. After the 1st month, solid nutrition is started with a moderate transition period. During this period, nausea and vomiting are the most common complaints. Sometimes, it can be tiresome. It is important to stay calm to patiently overcome this period. This period ends when the wounds in the stomach heal and the person gets used to their new stomach and new diet. Medications such as multivitamin, protein, stomach protector and blood thinner are recommended for certain periods after the operation.

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